Roof Types


Tile roofing is durable, stylish and very popular in Florida communities. When considering a tile roof, major factors are: tile material (clay or concrete); profile (flat vs. a more Spanish look); underlayment (90lb, peel & stick or modified bitumen); and attachment (foam or screws) .
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Metal roofs can come in unpainted silver (mill finish) or a variety of attractive colors. Consider the popular 5V crimp metal roof, or the standing seam, hidden fastener, metal roof.
FPL Rebate:  Ask about an FPL rebate for energy-efficient, FPL-approved roof panels offered by Capps, an FPL-approved installer.


Shingles remain popular because of their low up-front costs and are made with strong self-sealing strips, resulting in 130 mph wind testing.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs can be installed with modified bitumen membrane or singly-ply, TPO membrane. Consider a tapered installation system to eliminate ponding water. Also consider a manufacturer's no dollar limit warranty on material and workmanship.


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Roof types