What Sets Us Apart

Family and Owner Involvement

With Capps Roofing, you will directly interact with two brothers who own the business. Mark Capps will give you a timely and professional estimate, properly diagnosing the condition of your roof.  Blake Capps will make himself accountable to you, personally making sure that every phase of your experience with our company exceeds your expectations.

Top Standards of Workmanship

Blake and Mark grew up in the roofing trade, bringing years of personal workmanship experience to your roof. We ensure that the right products and procedures are used and that the right people are doing the work.

Respect for Your Property

We cover your shrubbery with tarps and perform a thorough clean-up of your property each day. We use dump trucks, not dumpsters, and haul away debris daily. We run a large magnet in your grass around the perimeter of your home to make sure roofing nails are not left in your yard.


We know that you are concerned about getting the job done in a timely fashion. To address this, we focus on providing you with the equipment and qualified manpower to execute the job quickly.

Unique Contracts

We do not ask for deposits on our jobs. Additionally, we do not have "open-ended" provisions that result in extra charges for rotten wood, etc. With Capps Roofing, the price is the price.


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"Capps will be our number one choice!" –Scott R.

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